Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update: Suffering at Seven

Many have emailed and asked for an update on the two seven year olds,  Scholar and Amos, that I wrote about last weekend.  I visited both of these children this morning after worship service and found both looking better now a week out from my last report.

Scholar (pictured below) had to undergo a second surgery on her amputated left leg this week because the closure Dr. Odera and I did wasn't looking good.  She now has a formal above the knee amputation which is healing fine so far.   Her right leg, with a tibia fracture, is casted and comfortable.  All her tubes and catheters have been removed and she is healing physically.  Emotionally she is depressed and quiet and not very communicative yet, even with her Aunt pictured below with her.   I reassured her that she would walk again with help from people who care about her AND our loving Lord.  Thanks to all who have prayed for this little girl who was hit by a bus 8 days ago.  Please continue to pray for her spirit and for her emotionally as we encourage her to get out of bed and outside in a wheelchair this week.  

Amos (picture below with his Dad, Festus) actually had better color and was stronger today.  He is suffering from having lost most of his small and large intestine and has an ostomy with "short gut" syndrome.  This condition leads to poor absorption of nutrients in the food. No matter how much we feed him, weight gain and improvement have been elusive for our surgery team. Dad says he is getting stronger and reports that he has had slight weight gain over the past week.  PTL!  Thank you for praying.  Festus and Amos were encouraged by the fact that I told them dozens of our friends and family in America are praying for him to heal and leave the hospital.  Will you continue to pray for his healing and weight gain to God's glory?

The words from a chorus that we frequently sing in our worship service at Bethesda Church,  our hospital worship service, come to mind with these two kids:

"He knows my name,  He knows my every thought,  He sees each tear that falls,  and hears me when I call."

At Tenwek "We treat - Jesus heals".  We fully depend on Jesus to make the difference in the lives of Scholar and Amos.   God bless you this week.

Mike and Pam

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