Friday, August 5, 2016

Climbing a new hill

We Made it!

     Yes, I climbed a new hill this morning to come to a new office from a new home in a new town, called Bristol, in eastern Tennessee.  CMDA (Christian Medical and Dental Associations) headquarters is at the top of a hill and we live in a CMDA rental house down the hill a few hundred yards.  Walking up the hill reminded me of my morning routine at Tenwek Hospital for most of the past two decades, only the road is nicely paved and I didn't dodge any cows or motorcycles!  I am writing this Chupplink from my new office in the Campus and Community Ministry section of the building where another new VP, Mr. Bill Reichart, will also be taking up residence soon.  Dr. David Stevens (CEO) and Dr. Gene Rudd (Executive VP) have been remarkably hospitable with Gene doubling as maintenance man on the side to help us with various repairs in our new home.  While I don't officially begin with CMDA until Sept 1st, there is much to do before that date so that we hit the ground running in the new position of Executive Vice-President, overlapping with Gene until January 1st when he plans to leave the position that he has held for the last 20 years with Dr. Stevens. 
Our new ministry base in Bristol, TN...CMDA headquarters
     Our family is adjusting very well given all the rapid changes and transition we have experienced in moving from Kenya.  Ashley started her freshman year at Tennessee High School (THS) this past Monday, Aug 1st,  only 20 days after her final day at RVA in Kenya.  Kayla began her senior year also at THS but enrolled in the on-line program.  Melody returns to the Upstate campus of the University of South Carolina in ten days in Spartanburg, while our oldest, Steven, awaits word any day now, of acceptance into the Air Force again, his second round of attempting to enter the special forces as a combat controller.   God has been so good to us in many different ways these past three weeks since we landed in Chicago and St. Joseph, MI.   Our renters officially closed on our house on Maiden Lane in St. Joseph this past Monday and we had smiles all around the title company table.  Mine was due to the fact that for the first time in 35 years, we are totally debt free.  PTL!

Ministry transition: WGM to CMDA

We have already shared in three supporting churches in the last three weeks and the most common questions we are asked by many including family members:  Mike and Pam, how do we transfer support from WGM to CMDA and when should we do that?  The answer to the "when" question is simply.....THIS MONTH (ie. August) as our last official date with World Gospel Mission is August 31st.   The "how" answer depends upon the way individuals have been supporting our ministry through WGM.   If it is by mail and check, then the same route can be used but simply mail the check (made out to "CMDA" or "Christian Medical and Dental Associations") with a note attached "Mike and Pam Chupp ministry" to this address:

Christian Medical and Dental Associations 
Donor services
Box 7500
Bristol, TN 37621

CMDA will give our ministry credit for the gift and send you a tax deductible gift receipt, just as WGM has done.

If you have been giving on-line or prefer to transition to electronic gifts, click on the hyperlink below (or copy and paste  into your browser) and fill out the electronic gift form with CMDA which will then set up regular giving to our ministry with many options for gift amount and frequency.  The e-giving link is:

I have talked with Mrs. Cheryl Bishir who heads up Donor services at WGM and she assured me that all current electronic gifts to our WGM will be stopped as of August 31st.   For any questions or concerns about your WGM support moving forward, Cheryl told me that you could call her direct line Monday to Friday at 765-671-7258.  (This would include if preferred to transfer your support to another WGM missionary.)

Our new contacts:

Home address:   490 Old Jonesboro Road   Bristol, TN 37620
Work address:  Christian Medical and Dental Associations,   Box 7500  Bristol, TN 37621

Our phone contacts:  Mike's cell:  423-366-6005      Pam's cell:  423-366-0881
                                     Work phone:  423-844-1045

Email:   (Ministry)    (Personal)


Since our landing in the US, three weeks ago today, I have been sharing with friends and family the 1st verse of the most recent chapter in the Psalms that I have memorized, Psalm 111 (the only scripture reference with four ones!)  "Praise the Lord!  I will thank the Lord with all my heart as I meet with His godly people."   I have met with many of those godly people over the last three weeks and our hearts are truly overflowing with gratitude.  We are thankful for a faithful group of brothers and sisters who have stood with us for the last 20 years of ministry in Kenya.   We are also humbled and encouraged by many who have made it clear that they want to continue to help us recruit and train and equip future harvest workers among Christian healthcare workers through CMDA where our new vision is Transformed Doctors Transforming the World.   

Serving Jesus, the greatest privilege available!

Mike and Pam Chupp

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