Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kid's Update

Steven (11th) and Melody (9th) have had a great first year at Rift Valley Academy (RVA). They have only 4 weeks of school left to finish out the school year, and then they come home for a six week break. They have been blessed with wonderful dorm parents, have made many new friends, and have been involved with lots of fun activities. 

RVA is located on an escarpment that overlooks the Rift Valley. The views from the school are breathtaking, with Mt. Longonot in the distance, and the valley spread out as far as you can see.  From Steven's dorm room window, he can see the mountain, and watch the antics of the monkeys in the trees. 

View of Mt. Longonot from Rift Valley Academy

Their school schedule is September - July, with the months of December, April and August as break months. The December break is usually from Thanksgiving through the new year, so they are home for those major holidays.  We have been able to see the kids about every 3 weeks or so, and this has worked very well. They have cell phones also, and we talk to them several times a week. This has allowed us to feel very connected to them and a part of their lives, even though we can't see them everyday.  They also have a mid-term break each term when they come home for a long weekend half-way through the term. It always feels like a holiday when they come home for this, as I usually make their favorite foods. These times are always very special and we cram a lot of visiting into those 3 days!

Steven has been playing rugby this term on the school JV team. It is a little like American football, without timeouts and minus protective gear. It is scary to watch, but Steven absolutely loves it, and has had fun on the team. We are slowly learning the game, and enjoy watching the few games we can get to.

 Mom and Steven after a rugby match

Melody just finished volleyball season on the Varsity girl's team.  Volleyball is my favorite sport to watch, so it was fun seeing her in a few games as well. Their team came away with winning finals this year, so that was very special.
Melody playing v-ball at a home game

Kayla and Ashley are finished with their school year, so they are enjoying a nice, long summer break!  Kayla turns 12 this Friday, and I can't believe she will be in Jr. High this fall. Ashley will be in 4th grade. They are at Camp Blue Sky this week. It is a camp run by Christians, and they bring their counselors here from Christian universities in the States for the summer. This is always a very fun time for the kids, and they have lots of activities like swimming, rock climbing, high ropes course, and many fun games. We are very thankful they can have a Christian camp experience in Kenya!

Kayla and Ashley had a wonderful school year with their other MK homeschooled friends at Tenwek. We had a co-op, so most of us moms taught different subjects. This was great, and the kids enjoyed having group classes with their friends. I taught history and band in the co-op, as well as some other individual classes.

Tenwek MK School kids
Kayla is 2nd from left in front
Ashley is 4th from left in front

Thanks so much for your prayers for our children. We feel blessed and privileged to be in Kenya, and are so thankful for the spiritual, academic, and personal growth in our kids this year. We treasure these times, especially with Steven, as he will be a senior in the fall. Please pray that he will sense God's leading for his future after high school.  

Blessings and peace,
Pam, for the gang

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