Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September update

As many of you are enjoying cooler weather and a change in the leaves, we are experiencing our short rains, with a lot of green grass and bushes, and beautiful flowers blooming. I have always called this place "eternal springtime", and that is exactly how it feels right now, with cool, sunny mornings, and rainy afternoons and evenings! We are all very excited about the new school year, and I wanted to share with you a little bit about what we are doing this year.

Ashley is in 4th grade, and is a part of five 4-5th graders being taught in a co-op with several different moms as teachers. We meet in the "MK School room" which is a large one-room schoolhouse that was set apart for the missionary children's group classes. I am teaching Middle Ages/Renaissance/Reformation History to this group, and we have already enjoyed studying "Beowulf" and the Vikings together.
4th-5th grade class

Kayla is in 7th grade this year, and is doing four online classes with Northstar Academy. She was so excited that this meant she could have her own computer, since her classes are through the internet. This has worked fairly well, although she much prefers her group classes with her friends. She has Math, Science and History classes with other 6-8th graders. I'm teaching the 6-8th grade history class as well (I guess you could say I like history!), so my days are very full with classes and supervising Kayla with her online classes. We are so very grateful that the Lord provides for our children's schooling each year in a different way, and we are trusting that this will be a good year for the girls.

Jr. High History (with our mascot, Bailey!)

Melody (10th) and Steven (12th) have returned to RVA this year. They are doing well, and have become very involved in activities already. Melody is playing basketball on the Varsity B team, and Steven is in the senior Small Group chorus, as well as choir this year. He is also working hard keeping in shape for the coming rugby season later this year.

Melody on summer break with our close friend's little boy, Shadrach

We are very proud of them both, as they have become quite independent and have adjusted well to boarding school living. It is hard to believe that Steven is a senior and will be returning to the States next year. Please pray with us for him, that the Lord will guide his steps and show Steven His special purpose for his life. He is still not sure what he wants to do, so we are doing our best to encourage him and help him find his strengths and interests. Last week he celebrated his 18th birthday, and we were able to visit him to help him celebrate with his friends.

Steven's 18th birthday

In closing, I would ask for your prayers for me, as I wear many hats at Tenwek as a wife, mom, teacher, hostess, secretary, organizer, and perform other tasks that the Lord brings across my path each day.

We are incredibly blessed by the Lord that our children are happy, healthy, and growing academically and spiritually in Kenya, the place we call "home".


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