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The Sting of Death, Sin, and one of God's little creatures

America is pretty great, Dad!

 Selfie on our 23rd wedding anniversary, Aug 17th

After four weeks on the road passing through nine states and traveling well over 2,500 miles, the Chupp family finally landed in St. Joseph, MI, home of Southwestern Medical Clinic and Lakeland Regional Health System.  Whoo hoo!   We are minus our oldest daughter Melody whom we left at Cedarville University on Aug 16th to begin a BS in Nursing.  The school did an amazing and thorough job of orienting both MK's and parents to life on an American college campus.  Since we are from Kenya and she enjoys running long distances, she "walked on" the women's cross country team joining nine other freshman.  Cedarville historically has had a strong cross country team each fall so we know she will have to work hard to stay on the squad.  She LOVES it and actually thinks that Chemistry will be her favorite class.  ( a chip off the ole Chupp :-)

Melody between us during International student orientation at Cedarville University

Today (Monday) was a banner day for our 20 year old son Steven.  In preparation to begin a two year paramedic training program at Southwest Michigan College next week, he bought his first car,  an incredibly well preserved 2001 Chevy Impala.   (see pic below)  He will be living on campus about 45 minutes from St. Joseph so we hope to get to see him on most weekends.  He has already joined a college aged group at New Life Baptist Church here in St. Joseph where some old Grace Christian School friends are group leaders.

Steven's first car in preparation for college life
Our youngest two girls,  Ashley (7th grade) and Kayla (10th grade) will be starting Jr. High and Sr. High classes after Labor Day at Grace Christian School not too far from our home in St. Joseph.  Volleyball practice has started for both girls and a few old friendships have already been rekindled. During our 9 state "tour" they REALLY enjoyed Grammy and Granddad's pool in Chattanooga.

Killer bee at 3 o'clock!   

With great anticipation of many hugs, handshakes, and warm smiles at our home church in Berrien Center last Sunday, we prepared to enter Berrien Center Bible Church (BCBC) when I (Mike) felt a severe burning pain under my right arm.  Looking down I saw a huge hornet next to my Bible with stinger inserted on the underside of my arm as the cause of the pain.   Ouch!   It was just a little tough to enjoy all those wonderful, welcoming saints at BCBC when it felt like a fire under my sleeve!  A kind EMT, Chris Hall, came to the rescue and loaded me up with Advil and Tylenol so that by the end of the Sunday school hour, I could actually pay attention and worship during the main service!  My head was spinning for a while though I tried to pay attention to Pastor Bill Zebell's excellent class on the Holy Spirit's job description on behalf of the believer.  It was not til later in the afternoon as I thought back on my unexpected trial that I remembered the passage of scripture I had read early on Sunday morning from I Corinthians 15:55 - 57:   "Where O Death, is your victory  Where, O death, is your sting?"   The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law." But thanks be to God!  He gives us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.  One of the many hugs received at BCBC was from Dr. Chuck Pierson who, as a missionary doctor, introduced me to missionary surgery in the African country of Sierra Leone when I was a college student at Taylor University in 1983.  That experience changed my life and left me with a great excitement and desire to become a missionary doctor, possibly in Africa.  Chuck, retired now for a few years in Berrien County, shared with me the news that the "sting of death" (ovarian cancer) had taken his beloved wife Ruth this past December and she is now with her Lord Jesus.   How grateful I am today that the Lord Jesus disarmed our great enemy, Death, so that sin no longer holds power over Ruth Pierson or any of us who trust in Jesus.    While I didn't exactly appreciate the painful nature object lesson required to lead to my deeper meditation on I Cor 15:55,  I am thrilled for the hope of my aging medical missions heroes, some of whom, like Dr. Ernie Steury, have already crossed the finish line to be welcomed into Jesus' loving arms. 


This week will be quite eventful for our family as Mike goes back to work for the surgery department at SWMC and Lakeland Hospital for two months and the two younger girls begin 7th and 10th grade at Grace Christian School.

We have been contacting pastors, missions committees, missions organizations, Tenwek partners, etc. preparing a speaking and singing schedule for this year.  Our HMA video titled "Until He Comes....We Treat, Jesus Heals....Fanning the Flame of a Legacy", is available on our YouTube Channel: Chupp Ministry in Kenya.   Click on the following link to catch a 10 minute glimpse of a very busy and growing place called Tenwek Mission Hospital, where Mike has been serving as Medical Director.

We would be DELIGHTED to come share and challenge your church, Sunday school, Bible study group, even family about fanning the flame of God's gifts in your own life and using them to help fulfill Jesus Great Commission.   Please email us at  if you would like to discuss such a challenge/message to your group.   Mike is setting aside November, December,  February and March to travel and speak and share with God's people about answering the call and becoming a champion for the Great Commission.  Hoping to share the many opportunities in medical missions today with many groups of medical students, residents, nurses, dentists, and many other health care professionals.  We will remain on support with the mission given the short duration of work with the clinic and hospital and many months of travel on behalf of WGM and Tenwek this year home.   


Thanks to several of you who have asked about Mom and Dad Chupp's health.  They made it home from the Greenville, SC hospital in July and have been convalescing and gaining strength and health for the past six weeks.  Dad's pacemaker is working ok and they are getting out, attending church, shopping, etc.  Our flooded basement required major salvaging efforts here in St. Joseph, MI, but we are able to live in the upper floors and there is ample space. We are also grateful to the Father for the provision of a large SUV (Yukon Denali) for the first six weeks we have been home, a great loaner vehicle from a retired couple here in St. Joseph.   

We would like to ask you to pray for our son, Steven, as he begins his college experience this Tuesday, pursuing a paramedic medicine associates degree at Southwest Michigan College.  He learned today (second hand) that the program had cancelled second year classes, forcing second year paramedic students to scramble this fall to attend other schools.  Needless to say, this has caused us alarm just two days before classes begin and a re-examination of his training goals.   We have seen his excitement and desire to go through this two year program over the past few months grow, so this news appears to be a set-back.    He has a good attitude and affirms that God can and will close doors that He sees necessary to close in our lives.

Please also pray for Mike's replacement in the Tenwek Medical Director position,  our Southwestern partner and WGM missionary, Dr. John Spriegel.  John has done the job in the past and did a great job, working with the Tenwek administration, nursing department, and the medical staff.  The role can be very stressful and get that way in a hurry!   John and his wife Linda just returned to Tenwek from St. Joseph after a year also on Homeland Ministry assignment.

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Happy Labor Day all you Kingdom Workers! 

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