Thursday, September 4, 2014

A testimony you won't hear from too many doctors!

Hey friends,

Just received an 8 minute audio clip from WGM Media department of an interview piece I did in late July.    It is a brief explanation of where God has brought me in ministry at Tenwek Hospital in terms of leadership and medical administration.    My voice was a little raspy as I was recovering from a cold BUT it will give you a glimpse into what God has done in my ministry life over nearly 20 years at Tenwek Mission Hospital.    Be encouraged that most certainly God has created YOU with your special set of spiritual, emotional, academic, and personality gifts to accomplish HIS purposes in your life.   Keep hanging on to the truth of Ephesians 2:10, dear friends!

Click on the following link to hear my testimony:

Blessings, brothers and sisters, and all glory to God for the creative ways he gifts and prepares us to serve one another in HIS Kingdom, fulfilling HIS Great Commission.

Mike with Ronald Kibet, one of our senior CT scanner techs, at Tenwek in the CT control room

Mike and Pam Chupp
Missionaries with World Gospel Mission, serving at Tenwek Hospital, Kenya

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